Character Animation
National University of Singapore

Founding members: Goh Jing Ying and KangKang Yin

Contributing members: Karunanidhi Durai Kumar, Huang Geng, Sai Charan Mahadevan

BVH_Viewer created by Emre Tanirgan and Kelsey Hurley

Welcome to the NUS Motion Capture Database! The collection of the data in this database is supported by National University of Singapore Academic Research Fund R-252-000-429-133. This dataset of motions is free for research purposes. The data cannot be used for commercial products or resale, unfortunately. If you publish results obtained using this data, we would appreciate it if you would add this text to your acknowledgments section:

The data used in this project was obtained from The database was created with funding from NUS AcRF R-252-000-429-133.

Where Used

Here is a list of people and applications that used our motion capture data:
Rodrigo Mologni in an animated short film
Chacha Dance - La Senorita by the Bahariawans Studio Creator

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NUS Motion Capture Database

Motions can be browsed by Motion category or Subject #.

We provide several data formats as follows:

Vicon Blade file format. .hdf files contain the raw 2D marker positions, as well as all intermediate data representations and the end results. Users can choose to re-postprocess the data in hdf format in Blade if not satisfied with the postprocessed data we provide.

Autodesk file format. .fbx files provide interoperability between digital content creation applications. You can import motion in fbx format into Maya and MotionBuilder for example, for skinning or further processing or integration with other digital contents.

Biovision file format. .bvh files only contain the final skeleton and skeletal animation. We find bvh files in ASCII format easy to use in our own programs.

Coordinate 3D files are popular in biomechanical applications. The file contains the labeled 3D marker positions in binary format.

We also provide c3d data in ASCII format for your convenience.

Vicon Blade ASCII file formatVicon Blade ASCII file format for calibrated skeleton and marker attachment positions. There may be cases that you need this format somewhere, such as for motion retargetting.