WebGL BVH Viewer

To rotate the camera, hold ALT and click and drag on the canvas. To pan the camera, hold ALT and click and drag using the middle mouse button. To zoom in and out, use the mouse wheel or hold ALT and click and drag using the right mouse button.

Animation Controls:

Rotate Camera:
ALT + Leftclick + drag on the canvas.
Pan Camera: :
ALT + Middleclick + drag on the canvas.
Use mouse wheel or ALT + Rightclick + drag on the canvas.
'; tester[272]=''; tester[273]='Toggle'; tester[421]='Ghost'; tester[422]='
'; tester[423]=''; tester[427]=''; tester[431]='
'; tester[432]='Frame'; tester[436]='+'; tester[437]='
'; tester[438]='Frame'; tester[442]='-'; tester[443]='

'; tester[444]='

'; tester[445]='Set'; tester[446]='Up'; tester[447]='Vector:'; tester[448]='
'; tester[449]='X'; tester[453]='Y'; tester[457]='Z'; tester[461]='
'; tester[462]='-X'; tester[466]='-Y'; tester[470]='-Z'; tester[474]='

'; tester[475]='

'; tester[476]='Scale:'; tester[477]='
'; tester[478]='Scale'; tester[482]='Bones'; tester[483]='Up'; tester[484]='Scale'; tester[488]='Bones'; tester[489]='Down'; tester[490]='Scale'; tester[494]='World'; tester[495]='Up'; tester[496]='Scale'; tester[500]='World'; tester[501]='Down'; tester[502]='

'; tester[503]=''; tester[510]=''; tester[514]=''; tester[515]=''; tester[516]='